Monthly Reset| My Focus & Goals for November 2023

Monthly Reset| My Focus & Goals for November 2023

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October was a dumpster fire. However, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year is upon us now that November is here. This month I am determined to recover from last month’s setbacks and move forward. Like Ciara and Summer Walker, I’m on to better things. Here’s what I’m focusing on this month and my top goals I want to tackle in November.


My focus for November is increasing my bring home income.

November 2023 Goals

Health & Wellness

Workout 2x Weekly | I’ve been stuck at just above 200 pounds since dropping 75 pounds last year. I’m trying to finish the year at 195 pounds or lighter. So, I’m getting back into the habit of working out consistently.

Drink 3-5 Cups of Water Daily | Another thing I’ve fallen off the wagon with is drinking a gallon of water every day. After tracking my water and general fluid intake, I realized that I wasn’t drinking enough of anything to properly keep my body hydrated. There’s been more than one when I’ve gone almost 24 hours without a solid drink.

So, my goal is to start at 3 glasses of water and move up from there. I’ve cut out sugary drinks due to my recent HS diagnosis and to help aid my weight loss.

Go To Bed Before 2 AM | One of my goals for October was to go bed before 3 AM. And I did a great job of reaching that goal. I’m a night owl. So, that is a huge accomplishment for me. Now, I’m working on getting to sleep before 2 AM.


Finish 3 Books | My reading focus was crap in October. I started 5 books and only finished 1 of them. My goal for November is to finish 3 books. My November TBR will be up soon.

Take 2 Classes/Trainings | I love learning and I have access to LinkedIn Learning for free via my job. So, I’m going to take advantage of it and take at least 2 classes/trainings this month.

Finish A Crochet Project | I’ve been working on a fall blanket for forever. Mostly because I don’t work on it consistently due to work and motherhood demands. However, I’m determined this month to carve out some time daily to work on and finish either my blanket or a holiday themed sweater.

Keep A Gratitude Journal | With so much up in the air in my life at the moment, I feel like it’s more important than ever for me to focus on the things I still have to be grateful for.


Increase My Bring Home Income | Let me start by saying that I’m a single mom. I don’t get government assistance or child support. A few months ago, I officially hit the ceiling when it comes to my current income being enough to cover my family’s basic needs. So, my goal is to get creative and find a way to increase my bring home income by at least $500.


Find A New Job | My goal is to end November with a new and better paying job. I would ideally like to transition from librarianship to a remote or hybrid role in publishing. I’ve wanted to work in publishing for a while now, but just never had the courage to apply to any open positions. But you know what they say about the shots we don’t take.

So, I’ve been scouring the job boards and putting in applications. Please send me some good vibes.

Blog & Social Media | Now that I’m back from my blogging hiatus, I want to get on a consistent-ish schedule in terms of publishing content and building up my community on social media and here. I’ve truly missed my internet friends and community. Y’all are the best!

Create | Besides blogging and social media, I’m tackling finishing up my adult historical romance that I’ve been working on since the beginning of the year. I’m also in the planning stages of creating a history-based book series targeted towards Black kids.

Also, in 2020, I created a vision board and goals planner as well as 2 creative writing workbooks for middle school kids. I’d really like to freshen up both of those. I want to make some font adjustments to the planner and redesign the covers for the writing journals.

This Month I Want More:

Bring Home Income, Laughter, Fun, Family Time, Joy, Sleep, Self-Care, and Paid Creative Opportunities

This Month I Want Less:

Stress/Worry, Loneliness, Self-Doubt, Sadness, Financial Strain/Struggles, Commuting

Let me know what your focus or goals are this month. Also, what do you want more or less of?

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